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Boxer Novie Blue £20.99 @ Very

£20.99 £24.99
Boxer Novie Blue £20.99 @ Very
Boxer Novie Blue £20.99 @ Very
£20.99 £24.99

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Boxer Novie Blue PAF4C £20.99 @ Very

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Boxer Novie Blue PAF4C new – Boxer Novie Blue Become a bot master with Novie! This energetic, interactive robot is ready to play, right out of the box! Switch Novie on and his eyes will light up, letting you know hes ready to play. There are 12 tricks you can teach him and over 75 actions he can perform! Check out the easy-to-follow quick start guide and get going. Novie is controlled by a variety of hand gestures and the more you play with him, the more he can do! Teach Novie how to do tricks like Spinout, Wacko Walk and Fartnado! Train him in three different stages: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once Novie has mastered a trick hell make a happy sound, and as you play with him, his quirky personality will shine, just like his dance skills! With Novie, the fun never stops put a bunch of Novies (each sold separately) together to hang out, and theyll play together! Bring home Novie, your new best robo-bud youll be amazed at what he can do! Accessory List: Includes: 1 Novie, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Instruction Manual Depth: 98.4 MM Height: 122.2 MM Width: 93.5 MM Age Range: 6+ Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years

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