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Get 1000 FREE Points Worth £1.00 Here at

Get 1000 FREE Points Worth £1.00 Here at
Get 1000 FREE Points Worth £1.00 Here at

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Get 1000 FREE Points Worth £1.00 Here at

Convert Free Points into Free Cash with – Collect 1000 Free Points Worth £1.00 to Get You Started!

Register today and claim your free 1000 points (worth £1.00). To get more points and convert them into cash, Amazon vouchers or free gifts like Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, you can simply do one or all of the followings:

How to Get Extra Points FREE?

    1. Register Free – 1000 points (1 per user)
    2. Daily visits – 10 points
    3. Login – 5 points
    4. Submit a deal – 10 points (max 5 approved UK deals per day)
    5. Comment on a deal – 5 points (5 comments per deal, max 5 deals per day)
    6. Clicking on a link – 1 point
    7. Viewing a deal – 1 point (max 5 deals per day)
    8. Refer a friend – 15 points and extra 30 points for you when they register (see how to get your referral link below)

    Terms & Conditions

      1. You must register with a valid email address.
      2. Multiple registrations with different emails will be disqualified.
      3. Users who abuse the point system will be disqualified without any notice.
      4. Points will be converted into cash or Amazon gift vouchers when 15,000 points reached, or free gifts (see points required below).
      5. If you don’t reach 15,000 points, your points will be carried over to the next month or until you reach 15,000 points.
      6. Maximum 15,000 points can be earned per month.
      7. The value of point is: 1000 points = £1.00 or £1.00 Amazon Gift Voucher (for UK users), 1000 points = $1.00 (for global users)
      8. Payments will be made to the registered email address and can’t be sent to another email.
      9. You must email us and request your points to be converted when you reach 15,000 points.
      10. You can check your points at any time by logging into your account and clicking on your username at the top right corner.
      11. Only qualified points will be converted into cash, Amazon gift vouchers or free gifts.
      12. If there is no activity on your account after 1 month from the registration date, your points will expire after 12 months if the 15,000 point are not reached.
      13. This Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.
      14. This offer is open to anyone, however, all deals must be from UK retailers only listed here.
      15. This Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
      16. The 1000 free registration points will revert back to 50 points after August 31st 2018.
      17. For cash payments make sure to register with your PayPal email address.

      How to Get a Referral Link?

      Click on the circle at the top right corner >>> click Edit Profile >>> click Profile >>> now you can copy and share your link – your link should look like this make sure your friends use your own link to register for the points to be collected.

    Free Gifts

    1. You can also convert your points into one of these free gifts below. Full shipping address, full name, telephone no are required, when you reach the number of points required. More gifts will be added regularly, so make sure to keep checking this page for more free goodies!
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