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Yulu Watermelon Smash £12.99 @ Very

£12.99 £19.99
Yulu Watermelon Smash £12.99 @ Very
Yulu Watermelon Smash £12.99 @ Very
£12.99 £19.99

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Yulu Watermelon Smash NUMG3 £12.99 @ Very

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Yulu Watermelon Smash NUMG3 new – Yulu Watermelon Smash Depth: 150 MM Height: 175 MM Width: 260 MM The all new hilarious twist on the water roulette challenge. Fill the watermelon with water or watermelon seeds and crack it until it smashes! Flick the spinner and see how many times you can tap the watermelon on your head before the it smashes and someone gets splashed! This daring game has players taking turns to press the watermelon on their head the number of times shown on the spinner. If the watermelon just cracks, you’re lucky. Because if it smashes, you get soaked! Play indoors by filling the watermelon with the included plastic watermelon seeds, or take the fun outdoors and make a splash! A suspenseful game in which you never know when the watermelon cracks and you lose. The last player left in the game wins! Each pack includes: Watermelon with seeds, spinner and game rules.

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